Finding that focus

The older I get, the more I am embracing my creative side. I am now embracing that a career doesn’t have to entail sitting in a cubicle for 8-10 hours a day in order to be successful. Career success can embracing my creative and making a success of my love for beautiful things like my photography, or my baking, or my writing of My Naughty Blog. Lol!

I love so MANY creative things that its been hard for me to find my focus. I’ve also found it hard to let go of the security and the mindset that I need to have that corporate job. I’m getting there slowly but I need it to speed up! I’m ready for this life to be what I do and not what I can work on around that corporate life.

It’s interesting how the universe will assist you in making changes. I’ve been dipping my toe into my businesses for a couple of years now without fully making the switch until now. The universe is making me increasingly uncomfortable and unhappy in my corporate life. Its time! Its time to find that focus that I need to make the full time switch!

It's almost 2019! Its time! Lets go!

Smooches xoxo